See Soehrman Park Improvements

February 2023

  • The existing culvert structure, including wing walls, metal flairs, and asphalt path were removed.
  • Coffer dam was installed
  • Grading was performed to set new grade for new culvert
  • New stone base, culvert, and rip rap was installed
  • At this point, there is discussion about potential for addition of gabions and/or new concrete wing wall to assist with erosion control.

January 2023

We received word at the end of the month that the culvert production has been completed. We are expecting work on the culvert replacement in the park to begin approximately February 9.

December 2022

  • The project continues to be on hold until the box culvert is manufactured and received which is anticipated for January 2023 delivery.

November 2022

  • Streambank grading has been completed.Seeding and blanketing along the streambank has been completed.
  • Initial areas requiring concrete work were framed and poured.
  • Other areas requiring earthwork were prepared for future work.
  • As of November 11, the project is on hold until the box culvert is manufactured and received.
  • The western bridge has been reopened for walking path usage.

October 2022

  • The project area was secured and construction began on October 19. We understand that the construction fencing impedes the option to utilize either of the bridges that cross the Flagg Creek tributary which divides the north end of the park from the south. As safety is of utmost importance, we appreciate your understanding of this short-term impact in order to keep park visitors safe while utilizing the park. For anyone needing to travel from the north to the south end of Walker Park, please utilize the sidewalk adjacent to Wolf Road.
  • Nuisance trees and shrubs along the streambank were removed before streambank grading could take place.
  • Streambank grading began on the east side of the tributary and continued to head west. Some portions of the streambank have already received scheduled seed and blanketing.
  • Weather dependent, we anticipate the streambank seeding and blanketing to be completed by mid-November. At that point, we will attempt to see if the western bridge along the walking path can be reopened. The bridge over the culvert on the east side of the park will remain closed.
  • Supply chain issues have led to a delay in our acquisition of the culvert to serve as the replacement on the east side of the park. We are being told of the potential for a January delivery. Once the culvert is received, the installation will take place. So, after the streambank grading and seeding are finished, there won’t be any work to complete until the culvert arrives.
  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

September 2022

This project consists of a few different improvements throughout the park:

  • Replacing the culvert and asphalt bridge on the east side of Walker Park above the Flagg Creek tributary.
  • Regrading of the Flagg Creek tributary to create floodplain benches and planted with native species and removing excessive/overgrown vegetation along the entire tributary.
  • Fieldstone pavers and steps will be added for beautification east of the culvert and by the pedestrian bridge on the west side of the park.
  • The remnants of the old batting cage on the A baseball field, along with existing bleachers pad will be removed.
  • A new continuous pathway will be added from existing perimeter path to A baseball field, along with new bleacher pad making the field ADA accessible.
  • Pathway replacements: from the northeast corner of the south parking lot to the new culvert and path heading north from the pedestrian bridge to the connection of new path added last year.

Hamton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc were hired as engineers to design the project. They have completed the planned design and coordinated permit acquisition from the required regulatory agencies, including: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and Will South Cook County Soil Water Conservation District.

The Pleasant Dale Park District received a grant of $10,000 from ComEd and Openlands to be applied to the streambank improvements.

The project was put out to bid on September 9, 2022 with a planned bid opening on September 26.

Anticipated start of construction is hopefully sometime in October 2022 with a planned completion in spring of 2023. We thank you for your patience during the upcoming construction as we improve your parks for you.