Your ad will be part of our Program Guide that is delivered to 11,000 households within the Park District, which includes Countryside, Burr Ridge, Indian Head Park, Willow Springs, and some unincorporated areas of LaGrange and Hinsdale. We also have a large number of participants from Western Springs, LaGrange and Willowbrook. Our Program Guide is also posted on this website, which is visited daily by residents and interested parties.

2024 Program Guide Advertising Rates

Size Price
Full Page $175 per ad
Half page $125 per ad
Quarter Page $100 per ad
Business Card $88 per ad
Inside Cover $200 per ad
Inside cover half $100 per ad
Back cover half $150 per ad

Program Guide Advertising Deadlines for 2024

Guide Deadline
Fall 2024 July 1, 2024

Payments in full and ad copy must be received by the due date indicated above. Pleasant Dale Park District will provide a 10 percent discount with a commitment for ads in three Program Guides. For information, please contact us at 630-662-6220.