The Pleasant Dale Park District has switched to a new program registration software named RecDesk. We will no longer be using the BlueRec software. We hope you find RecDesk very user-friendly and easy to manage. We appreciate your patience as our staff is also getting up to speed with the new procedures and features.

The "Help" button on the site will be useful for any questions you may have. Additional tips are found below.

Instructions For Creating Household Account

Instructions For Registering For A Program

Instructions For Storing A Credit Card On File

Call us at 630-662-6220 if you experience any problems or have any questions.

RecDesk: Instructions For Storing A Credit Card On File

RecDesk allows you to store a credit card in your account for a quicker check out. keeps the credit card information on their site. The park district DOES NOT SEE THE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. We only see the last 4 digits of the card number.

  1. Under your “Profile”, click “Manage Payment Options”
  2. Click “Add Payment Option”
  3. Enter credit card information
  4. Click “Submit”

Your credit card is now securely stored. You can use this card when checking out or staff can use it if you need to call about a program/reservation. Just say “Use the card on file”.

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