See Santa Fe Park Improvements

March 2024

The electrical work has started and is scheduled to be completed during the last week of March or the first week in April. Once the electrical work is completed, the installation of new diffusers can take place.

February 2024

The planned major improvements to Lake Carriage Way were completed in July 2021. Since that time, we have continued to experience intermittent issues with the electric service, breakers, and the fountains within the lake. After consultation and discussions with a new vendor, the Board of Commissioners approved proposed plans to move forward with a new diffused water aeration plan.

For many years, the only aeration the lake received was via the three fountains placed throughout the water. Fountains provide minimal oxygenation of water and are used mostly for aesthetic value. Fountains float on the water surface and the water circulation does not reach the bottom of the lake which reduces their overall effectiveness. Diffused air initiated at the water floor is the best method.

Underwater diffusers, located at the bottom of the lake, ensure aeration across the entire water column and not just the surface layer. More water will be moved at lower energy levels. Park visitors will be able to see the water bubbling at the water surface in 6 various locations.

Overall water quality has remained the goal and this new plan should help us reach that goal.

In addition to the new underwater diffusers, all of the electric infrastructure will be replaced. The electrical improvements will require two new hardware locations. One will be placed along the southern shore and the other on the northeast shore corner. These hardware additions will be obscured by new plantings. So as to keep the traditional fountain aesthetic value, one brand new showpiece fountain will be added to the middle of the lake.

Benefits of improvements:

  • Overall improved water quality
  • Less odor as higher oxygen levels help the aerobic bacteria break down organic material. In the presence of oxygen, these bacteria are more efficient and beneficial to lake health.
  • Increased dissolved oxygen provides improved habitat for fish population
  • Better aeration helps to maintain the balance of a healthy ecosystem
  • Ability to aerate the water year-round
  • Lower electric consumption
  • Electrical components are on land and not out in water
  • Easier to maintain

See the picture below which diagrams where the diffusers will be placed throughout the lake. The new, large fountain will be placed in between the southern-extending 225' line in yellow and the northern-extending 550' line in blue.

Depending on weather, this project may get started as soon as March. We hope you enjoy the benefits of this investment in the park.