Walker Park Improvements

July 2021

Final concrete improvements at the overflow outlet were completed.

Repairs to erosion control/downed tree removal from late June storms completed.

Maintenance of native beds continues.

Plugs/plantings will continue to be monitored for anticipated growth and effectiveness of goose/wildlife barrier controls.

Final item to complete the project is the “As-Built” survey and we are awaiting those documents from the contractor. That being said, for all intents and purposes, this project is completed. We thank everyone for their patience during the construction period and hope you enjoy these park improvements. Thank you.

June 2021

Installed native plant plugs in the new beds.

Planted additional woody plants.

Walkways were repaired.

Finished lawn seeding and grading.

Restored disturbed areas.

Goose grid installation and protection from water fowl destruction.

Maintenance of native beds has commenced and will continue for two seasons.

Final concrete improvements at the overflow outlet were not finished due to high water levels and will be completed when water level allows.

May 2021

Completed the limestone screenings at all access points.

Completed the constructed wetlands with boulders and soils.

Cleaned debris from north wetland edge and 3rd access area shoal.

Completed the earthwork, berm, fine grading and lawn seeding.

Installed native seeding above shore.

Installed woody plants and mulch.

Installed new signage.

April 2021

All 5 shore access points have been constructed with installation of rock outcroppings.

Benches have been installed at access points.

Rock toe shoreline stabilization materials have been installed.

Off bank rock for wetland planting have been installed.

Seeding and landscaping have begun.

March 2021

There will be a total of 5 shore access points around the lake. For reference, access point 1 is in the NW corner of the lake. Point 2 is on the western edge of the lake with point 3 being in the SW corner of the lake. Points 4 and 5 are along the southern shoreline. Access points 1, 2, 3, and 4 have begun grading and installation of outcropping stonework. Work on the 5th access point is scheduled for the first week in April.

Rock toe shoreline stabilization materials near access point 2 have been installed.

Off bank rock for wetland planting in access points 1 and 3 have been installed.

February 2021

February weather was not conducive to any considerable work being performed on the project.

January 2021

Work continued on the lake outlet structure and that work is almost complete. During the process, it was noted that some additional clean clay was needed at the upstream pipe area in order to try and seal off flow from underneath the structure. A collection of suitable clay was found on site and was able to be used to finish the outlet grading.

It was also noted that water was migrating under the existing concrete chute and that seepage likely contributed to the failure of the previous pipe condition. Living Waters and Landworks are in discussions to provide a suitable remedy that will be a positive long term solution.

December 2020

As mentioned previously, the availability of landscape supplies and the weather conditions will dictate how much work will be able to get done during the winter months.

Project mobilization has begun.

Construction on the water outflow structure has begun.

Site was inspected by the Will-South Cook Soil and Water Conservation District and the project was compliant with no issues.

November 2020

Permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and Will/South Cook Soil & Water Conservation District have been received.

Project plans were presented to the Village of Burr Ridge Storm Water Committee.

Landworks is coordinating with quarries and stone suppliers to see what materials for the project will be available and the corresponding timeline. Landworks is also coordinating with their storm pipe outlet subcontractor and trying to finalize a schedule.

As mentioned previously, the availability of landscape supplies and the weather conditions will dictate how much work will be able to get done during the winter months.

October 2020

Contract for the project was executed.

Additional permit requirements have been submitted and we are awaiting final permit approval.

Minor work, including removal of benches and trash receptacles at lake access points and additional invasive species management, has begun.

Permit approval in conjunction with how well the weather cooperates will dictate how much work can get accomplished during the winter months but we are eagerly anticipating spring 2021 when the entire project can get underway in full swing.

September 2020

Board of Commissioners approved the park improvement work to be performed by Landworks Limited at their September 9 meeting for an amount not to exceed $493,470.41.

Permit applications continue to be submitted.

Finalization of contract outlining full scope of work is in process.

Construction slated to begin in October.

August 2020

Bid documents were available to the public on August 6.

Bids were received and opened on August 26.

Bid review process started immediately thereafter and recommendation will be given to the Board of Commissioners for planned approval at the September 9 board meeting.

July 2020

A well-attended public open house (both in person and remotely via Zoom) was held July 2.

See June update for Powerpoint presentation that was shown.

Final design elements have been added to the plan.Permit submittals have begun.

Bid notice sent to publications for planned release on August 6, 2020 with bids due August 26.

June 2020

Citing the improvement of the outlet and culvert in the northeast corner of the lake as a prominent issue, additional investigation on requirements for this work have begun. Living Waters Inc. is in communication with the I-294 Tollway as the existing structure is split between park district property and tollway property.

Planning Resources Inc. and Living Waters Inc. have been combining their respective proposed plans for the park to form a unified proposal. Due to various possibilities in permitting requirements, multiple discussions have occurred with regards to implementing the park improvements in phases. The expectation is that the outlet and culvert permitting will take much longer than permits for other improvements. With the goal of starting construction this fall, we don’t want to hold up the entire project while we wait for permits to be issued. Currently, we are reviewing the feasibility of executing the ‘above-water’ improvements this fall and starting construction on improvements that are in the water once permits are approved.

A public open house meeting to review the proposed plans and provide comment was held on Thursday, July 2.

Click this link to see the presentation from the public meeting.

May 2020

As has become typical, we again experienced substantial rainfall in the month of May. The flooding and heavy rains highlighted an issue we’re having with the outlet and culvert in the northeast corner of the lake. The existing design is not optimal and ends up clogging with various debris both large and small. Our contractors are now researching with engineers on best possible solutions to improve the situation. This may include possible coordination with the Tollway and additional permitting. We also spent time this May researching the viability of our project to participate in the recently announced “Fast-Track Public Infrastructure Grant” initiative through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. After careful review, it was decided that our project wouldn’t be feasible in the accelerated timeline of the grant. Planning Resources continues to work on designs for the bench areas on the south and west shores of the lake.

April 2020

Tree removal that began last month has been completed. Trees that were marked with a purple ribbon have been pruned. PRI and Living Waters continue to assemble plans for the final landscape design. Bi-weekly water maintenance is scheduled to begin next month and aerators are scheduled to be placed in the beginning of May.

March 2020

Not too much to report from March at Lake Carriage Way. Tree removal identified in February’s walk though has begun. We were informed that the Village of Burr Ridge water main project is being put on hold at this time. Living Waters and Planning Resources Inc. continue to assemble plans for the park.

February 2020

Property walk-through with Livings Waters Consultants and Planning Resources Inc. Numerous trees that are dead and/or that need to be removed for aesthetic and safety were identified. Tree removal tentatively scheduled for March. Continued idea development for specific enhancements needed.

Marine Biochemists contract executed for lake management for 2020 season. Scheduled maintenance to begin in May (monitor and control algae, aquatic vegetation, pond dye application).

Introductory discussion started with Village of Burr Ridge regarding their installation of new water main along Carriage Way Drive and impact to park district property.

January 2020

  • Land surveying completed
  • Initial review of potential lake water management companies
  • Planning Resources Inc (Landscape architects) is continuing plans for the lakeshore.

December 2019

  • Planning Resources Inc (Landscape architects) is continuing plans for the lakeshore.
  • Bathymetric surveying of the water depth and sediment has begun but due to weather will need to continue in the spring.
  • Land surveying agreement was completed and survey should be done in January.

November 2019

  • Basic discussion for plans has continued and initial land surveying has started to take place. Bathymetric surveying of the water depth and sediment is scheduled for early December.

October 2019

  • The park district has started planning for Lake Carriage Way to address aesthetic and ecological improvements. Initial steps were taken early in 2019 to remove a large amount of invasive species on the west side of the lake in order for an appropriate plan to be put together. In conjunction with Planning Resources Inc and Ted Gray from Living Waters Consultants, detailed planning is starting to take shape.
  • A shoreline restoration plan will be assembled by Planning Resources Inc and will include improvements to various shoreline items including bench areas, native plantings and ground coverings, as well as addition of rock outcroppings for beautification and functional seating.
  • Living Waters Consultants will be focusing on developing comprehensive and environmentally sound engineering services for shoreline stabilization to combat erosion, mud flats, and nuisance weed growth. Mud flats will be converted into proposed vegetated mesic prairie areas with some shallow emergent wetland. Water depths may be increased after a complete bathymetric survey to improve fish habitat and proposed plantings will include shoreline-stabilizing native plant species.
  • Projects involving bodies of water will take quite long to receive final permit approval. Construction on this project is not expected to take place before end of summer/early fall 2020.