See Lake Carriage Way Park Improvements

March 2024

  • Additional survey work was conducted in order to correctly finalize bid documents.
  • Soil borings were performed to evaluate the condition of existing soil on site.
  • Wight & Company representatives reviewed plan sheets with the park district to update project plans and small adjustments were made.
  • The current timeline remains for the project bid to open in April with park district board approval scheduled for the May meeting.

February 2024

  • An initial community input night was held on December 5, 2023 to gather information related to the wants, needs, and thoughts on potential improvements to the park.
  • That information was shared in January with representatives from Wight & Company (Landscape Architects) who will be designing the project.
  • Wight & Co. presented staff with 3 general concepts for layout in early February and one concept was selected.
  • Wight & Co. requested playground equipment proposals from multiple manufacturers.
  • A second community input night was held on February 19, 2024 to share the various equipment designs with the community and gather additional feedback.
  • Wight & Co. will refine the selected concept and equipment , incorporating the new feedback
  • The picture below is the design concept for the park. The general shape pays homage to the old Santa Fe Speedway and incorporates "tracks" of 2 different lengths in the oval shape. Please note: the playground equipment is NOT proposed equipment and is simply used as a placeholder.
The tentative timeline would be for bids to be received in April with Board approval in May. That would allow construction to take place starting in June dependent on contractor’s schedule.